Podcast Launch

Podcast Launch

There was one thing missing from Tolu's Notes since I started writing it in February. I didn't know it, maybe I ignored it. But you continue to ask for it. Now it's here!

What - It's a podcast. After several months of requests, I've finally decided to launch one. I'll be the sole host, and I plan on having conversations on how people invest their time and money. The qualifications for guests are as follows:

  • Be an investor (capital- or time-allocator). This includes business owners.
  • Be doing something interesting that others can learn from.

I will not be filtering based on net worth (capital or social) or age. While my content is targeted towards young adults, wiser investors (wording is important here) have experienced more cycles, and have dealt with much worse.

Content - the pod won't be a copy & paste of my written content. Neither is it going to replace the newsletter. It's designed to explore investing in practice. I plan to release ten episodes per season and have confirmed seven episodes for season one. Ohh, and episode one is here. Check it out.

PD01: Jerone Gillespie - Overcoming adversity and making the most of a $25k salary
My guest this week is Jerone Gillespie. You may have seen him on CNBC’sMillenial Money[https://www.notion.so/tolusnotes/PD01-Jerone-Gillespie-Overcoming-adversity-and-making-the-most-of-a-25k-salary-c51987ecd6e945de97a3011a5f7755cc#5e55957d08b74c3590ef6331054ff54a] where he discussed how he crush…

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