PD03: Arthur Copstein — Launching a Crypto Hedge Fund (Alternative Investments)

PD03: Arthur Copstein — Launching a Crypto Hedge Fund (Alternative Investments)

My guest this week is a long time subscriber of the newsletter. We discuss everything from the economy to risk management to alternative investments like venture and crypto. While these are not the most conventional means of investing, their asymmetric returns could be attractive to high-risk, high-reward investors willing to allocate a small percentage of their portfolio.

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00:00 - Intro & Arthur's Background
03:00 - What I look for in an investment
05:00 - Managing risk in VC investing
10:00 - SEC accredited investor updates
14:00 - Views on the U.S. economy
17:25 - Thoughts on crypto & DeFi
19:00 - Loaning DAI on Compound & why DeFi is the future
22:45 - Launching a crypto hedge fund (going from 2 BTC to 100 BTC)
28:48 - Resiliency of the U.S. economy
31:33 - Concerns about the stock market (Snowflake's IPO)

Books Mentioned

The Little Book of Hedge Funds
The Black Swan

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